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Bad or poorly implemented systems are a major money-drainer for many businesses.

The main problems we see repeatedly are self-implementation of systems, implementation of the wrong systems, not using the correct system efficiently, maintaining old legacy systems, and lack of processes around systems.


We also repeatedly see staff "muddling through" in terms of use of systems, due to lack of training or having different learning styles that don't suit the training given.

Sound familiar?


We cannot stress enough how much time and money businesses waste on self-implementation of cloud systems. Often, it costs double (yes DOUBLE) the costs for a cloud systems integrator or setup specialist to fix self-implemented setups when compared to paying a specialist to set it up correctly the first time.

That's including paying for training, manuals and documentation, and 3-months support.

How We Can Help

We help businesses choose the right systems for their businesses, and set them up correctly the first time. If we're not specialised in a particular software, we have partners who we work closely with who will set you up on your behalf. Here's a few examples of how this process works:


  • Needs Assessment - we assess what you're currently using, how you're currently using it, and whether you need help using it better, or switch to a different system

  • Recommendations -we write you a report on our findings with recommendations, pro's and cons, and sit down with you to go through your options

  • Planning - once you've decided on your new system, we plan out the implementation strategy, and provide you with weekly updates on our progress

  • Testing - we test your system and get staff to have a look around

  • Create processes and manuals - we create new processes and manuals around your new system which can act as on-boarding documents and operational documents

  • Training and Change Management- we conduct training sessions with you and your staff so that they use the systems correctly. We ensure that the training provided fits with your staff culture, skill sets and learning styles, and if we find resistance we adopt change management techniques to ensure sucess

  • Ongoing Support - we provide you with ongoing support


It is worth noting that in this process, other problems often emerge. An example of this is most commonly "people" issues. Staff can become resistant to change, and HR problems that have been simmering in the background more often than not emerge. The Process Collective also specialises in Organisational Psychology techniques and can also help you with your people problems. Click            to learn more.

The Psychology Behind System Use

How the brain works when using systems and processes is an important part of ensuring your desired system is used by your staff in the way you need them to. For example - if a system is designed for architects taking into account how an architects brain processes information, it is not going to be used effectively by a carpenter or office staff member. Furthermore, someone who is a Gen Y / Millennial is not going to use a system in the same way that a baby-boomer does.

These are important factors The Process Collective takes into account when assessing the right systems for you and your business, and sets us apart from other business consultants.

The Psychology Behind Training and Change Management

Whether people are willing to admit it, the majority of us don't like change. Humans are creatures of habit - we support the same sports teams for life, we eat at the same restaurants, we watch the same TV shows, we buy the same brands. Why? There is comfort in what we know, and stepping out of that comfort zone can result in a world of problems that aren't necessarily related to the trigger.


For businesses, the trigger might be a new staff member, moving offices, new processes, new systems or a change in management style. The resistance to the change can be disproportionate to the amount of change happening - and because of the strong reaction some people have, it's understandable why managers retreat and fall back into old ways of working. Sometimes its too hard to open that can of worms! It's also not common for business owners to have a Psychology Degree to assist them in working out what the problem is.

Luckily for our clients we do have Psychology Degrees and can help navigate these issues, find solutions and improve your business. Get in touch today!

Learn about the other areas we help in:

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Some Apps we like to work with


Gmail, and more!

Gmail is our preferred email for SME's and G Suite with it's storage, calendars and app integrations makes it very hard for us to recommend something else!

If you use G Suite in your business, everything is easy to integrate. You can ingrate it with Capsule CRM, to MailChimp, to Calendly and so much more. That's really just the tip of the iceberg.

If you'd like to learn more about G Suite email us by clicking here, or you can simply start your free trial with G Suite by clicking here.


Our favourite CRM!

Capsule is a smart, simple online CRM that helps businesses to stay organised, know more about their customers, build strong relationships and make the most of sales opportunities.

Capsule's features include:

  • Contact Management

  • Email Storage

  • Activity Tracking

  • Task Management

  • Business Process Management

  • Case Management

  • File Storage

  • Sales Pipeline

  • Lead Management

  • Reports

  • Mobile App

  • Gmail Add-on

  • G Suite Integration

  • Integration with most Websites, MailChimp and more!

We've tried A LOT of CRM's and this is by far the best out there for SME's.

Get in touch with us by clicking here to learn more!


Accouting Software

We love Xero and Xero's cloud app ecosystem. This easy to use accounting software allows you more flexibility, better vision of your accounts and has the added benefit of a huge app ecosystem. No matter what your business does, you can be sure Xero has an integrated system that will make your life easier.

At The Process Collective, we can setup your Xero file, train you and your staff how to use it, and give you ongoing support. We will integrate your payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe, Integrapay, eWay etc), advise you on what integrated cloud app's will work best for your business, create new processes and make sure you get the most out of it.

Want to chat about Xero? Click here to get in touch with us.


Leads, Quotes & Job Tracking

WorkflowMax is the most versatile add-on to Xero. It allows you to track leads, create and issue quotes, track jobs, record staff time, issue and track purchase orders, plus invoice and create custom reports. We have clients in various industries ranging from PR, Consulting Services, Logistics, Architecture, Marketing, Web Design, to Building & Construction using WorkflowMax, so it really is a system for all. 

Unlike most cloud integrators, The Process Collective doesn't just dump your data into WorkflowMax and leave you hanging, we take into account your industry, your staff, skill sets, personalities, what your pain points are, and program your system accordingly. We give you training, provide change management, and design manuals and process documents to your business and each staff role. We design your templates, configure the program with your future plans in mind, integrate it with Xero and give you ongoing support for as longs as you need. 

Get in touch with us about WorkflowMax by clicking here.

Employment Hero

No fuss HR Cloud App

Most of the time HR is the last thing on the list for most business owners. If your contacts are out of date, or your policies and procedures have not been agreed to (if they exist), your business is exposed. Many business owners think employee problems will never happen to them, but reality is, you're in the minority if they don't! 

As well as providing you with outsourced HR, The Process Collective can implement Employment Hero for you, which is an essential HR cloud platform providing you with online employee on-boarding, compliant contracts, policies and procedures, customisable review templates, plus templates covering disciplinary action to redundancy and much more! The contracts are automatically updated by Employment Hero's employment lawyers when legislation changes, so you never have to worry about updating documents. We highly recommend all our clients implement this platform, as you can be rest assured you're protected. It allows you to have untouchable HR policies and contracts without having to pay an employment lawyer thousands of dollars each time the Fair Work Act changes. And if that wasn't enough to get you thinking, Employment Hero seamlessly integrates with Xero, so all your employee on-boarding is conducted online by them, cutting out the need for Tax File Declaration forms, bank detail forms, and hard copy employee files that are insecure.


Get in touch with us here if you want to know more!

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