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A large proportion of business problems are people related.

Issues tend to range from staff management to productivity and loyalty, to change management issues and difficult personalities. Although it's reassuring to know all businesses face these issues at some point, it is rare for us to come across businesses that know what to do, or have handled these delicate issues in the best way. If you've been immune so far, it's unlikely it will remain that way.

The traditional way to deal with these issues are rigid personality tests, authoritarian management styles, or micromanaging to the nth degree.

Unfortunately those styles of people management are outdated and actually foster the opposite of what you're trying to achieve. People management is so much more complicated in some ways, and quite simple in others - the key is working out what your staff and business need.

How We Can Help

We help businesses in a variety of ways when it comes to the "people" part of their business. Here's a few examples:


  • Hiring Staff - who do you really need v's who you think you need

  • Retaining Staff - what do they really want from their employer?

  • Productivity - assessing, improving and establishing loyalty

  • Assessing Management Styles - Establishing what style your Staff will respond to

  • Training and Advice on Management

  • Company Culture - what is your current culture and what do you want it to be?

  • Clear HR Processes and Policies

  • Organisational Psychology - real, scientifically backed strategies

  • How to communicate this to your market

  • HR strategies


The people you hire, how you manage them, reward and retain them are integral to the success of any business. 

Hiring the Right People

HR is one of those things that everyone thinks they can do without help. The reality is, it's actually really hard to hire the right people, keep them happy, and retain them.

The majority of people try to hire someone that is closest to them in skill set or personality, while others hire the best of what is often a bad bunch.

Hiring staff is more than posting a job ad, its about assessing the needs of your business correctly, the skill gaps, the personalities of current staff, your culture and how the new person will need to fit in. The style of writing you use in your job ad, the keywords you use, where you advertise and how you interview them are all key to finding the right staff. 

The Process Collective can assess your needs, write your job ad's and interview your potential staff, or we can advise you on what you need, letting you do the legwork.

Management Style is Key to Retaining Staff and Increasing Productivity Levels

Did you know 50% of people are unhappy in their job, and as a result, take more sick days and work less productively than if they were happy? Of those people, nearly half say they are unhappy because of their managers management style.


Very few business owners have formal training in people management or leadership. Most have modelled their management style on mentors or short courses they've attended over the years - with some just muddling through. The majority of people management courses in the past (and even now) are based on old styles of management, or concepts that have been scientifically de-bunked. Even those with formal training generally make the same three mistakes of:

  • micromanaging,

  • being too friendly 

  • leaving staff to make their own decisions without any direction. 

At The Process Collective, we assess what leadership style you use, assess the personalities and learning styles of your staff, and advise and train you on how to manage your team better. We use scientifically tried and tested techniques to put you on the path to success.


Staff want more than pay

Feel like you have the right staff, manage them well but sense they still aren't happy? It is no longer enough to provide staff with a decent salary package and get loyalty, productivity and focus in return. Recent studies have shown that almost half of the workforce value flexibility higher than pay, and these people are willing to sacrifice wages to get the flexibility they need. 

Gen X want to work for a company that is flexible, ethical and expect employers to provide equal pay, close the gender pay-gap, and support sustainable suppliers. Most importantly they want recognition for their achievements. Gen Y want their employers to provide flexible workspaces, have a company culture they can be proud of, and expect processes and systems to be in place to help them work more efficiently. They don't want to work this out for themselves. 

At The Process Collective, we help you get it right when it comes to offering your employees perks. We advise you on what your employees want, need and what will translate into productivity.

Clear Processes and Polices

Staff want to know where they stand, what their rights are, and that you're ethical as a company. If you don't have policies that protect your company and your staff, you're opening yourself up to unnecessary liability, which can be expensive and damage trust with your employees and customers.

You need up to date employment contracts, and basic policies to ensure you and your employees are protected. We provide a basic policy package which includes the following:

  • Alcohol and Drugs Policy

  • Code of Conduct Policy

  • Discipline and Termination Policy

  • Equal Employment Opportunity and Discrimination Policy

  • Flexible Arrangement Policy

  • Grievance Handling Policy

  • Leave Policy

  • Non-Compete Policy

  • Privacy Policy

  • Social Media Policy

  • Workplace and Harassment Policy

  • Wellbeing Policy

  • Working From Home Policy

  • OH & S Policy


We can also setup and main for you a cloud app called Employment Hero which can issue Fair Work Compliant Employment Contracts saving you $1000's in Employment Lawyer fees.

Company Culture

Establishing a Company Culture used to be something that only silicon valley companies did, while everyone else looked on with envy and fascination. In the age of social media, and with Gen Y / Millennial's fast becoming the largest population group, this is something that is required to not only retain your staff, but also to attract the clients you want.

It is no longer enough to provide your employees with a good pay package and expect them to be happy - they want perks, recognition, flexibility and social inclusion in the workplace. In return you'll see higher productivity, loyalty, and an army of social marketers going to war on your behalf. They'll sing your praises on social media platforms and get your brand out there.

How is Company Culture important to Consumers?


We know that Consumers now research every aspect of the companies they engage with. This is to ensure that the companies they buy from are in line with their own ethical values and beliefs, and this is particularly important to people who are part of Generation X. Generation Y / Millennials also research companies they purchase from, but are less likely to research the finer details. A large aspect of consumer research is on how Companies treat their staff, what their company culture is, and what charities or initiatives they support.

It's easy to know this information - but how do you implement a culture? What culture do you even want in your company?

This is where The Process Collective can help. We use our experience and knowledge in Psychology, HR, Business Strategy and Systems Processes to assess your current culture, your employees attitudes, personalities, likes and dislikes in their roles to create a current picture of your business culture.

We then research the market where your business sits, research upcoming consumer trends and tie in your company culture goals with your target market cultural norms.


We then plan out what your entire business strategy is going forward, including the customers you want to attract, the services you want to provide, and were you wish to be positioned in the market. 

From this, we will work with you to create a strategic plan that ties together your culture with your goals, plans, processes and systems.

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