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Often, the plan or idea for your original business is vastly different to what it looks like now.

Most people started business either without a strategy, or the strategy they started with is no longer relevant.

If your strategy hasn't changed, then you can guarantee your target audience has. With the emergence of new technologies and marketing tools, if you're not constantly reading up on research and trends - it's likely your targeting the wrong areas.

Without knowing if your business strategy is a viable one, or what the research is behind your idea you're flying blind. 

Do you know who your target audience is? Do you know where they are, where they shop, what social media platforms they use or what articles, newspapers or magazines they like to read? Do you know what their ethics are and does your business align with them?

The answer to those questions for most business owners is "I'm not sure", or "I know some of them".

How We Can Help

We help businesses in a variety of ways when it comes to the "strategy" part of their business. Here's a few examples:


  • Strategic Planning- we sit down with you and work out what your plan currently is, what it should be, and coach you through the process. 

  • Assess the Consumer Trends that influence your industry - what does the research say about your industry, and the consumer trends within it? We find out and give you a comprehensive report

  • Target Audience - who's buying your products or services, and are they your ideal clients? We research which audience is going to bring you the most revenue, stay loyal and recommend you to others

  • Unique Selling Point - do you know what sets you apart from your competitors? If you don't - we'll research your competitors, and work out your point of difference and advise you on how to market it

  • Ethical Values - sadly - this matters. Consumers research everything these days, including where you get your supplies and materials from, and care whether they are sourced ethically

  • Your message - what is your companies message? What are you portraying to people v's what you want to portray? We assess this and advise on the best strategy going forward

  • The Psychology of Branding and Marketing - we provide you with insights into the psychology behind branding and marketing. We'll provide you with data on what your target audiences want and expect from a company in your industry

  • Behaviour Design - using the latest scientific research and behavioural insights to influence consumer behaviour

  • Your own personal likes and dislikes - business isn't about what you like - consumers follow trends and require their brands to fit in with their likes and dislikes. We help you navigate through this minefield and advise on strategies to appeal to your customers

  • Recommendations - we provide you with recommendations and research statistics to back up our advice

  • Provide you ongoing support - questions, support, coaching meetings - we support you during the implementation of our recommendations, and ongoing to ensure you stay on track.


Strategy is so much more that just a plan of where your want your business to go - it's about getting the correct research, understanding your target audience, and catering to what they want and expect from a company like yours.

Learn about the other areas we help in:

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