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Bad, slow or poorly followed processes are killing your business!

Did you know that 63% of Australian Businesses waste at a minimum 2 - 12 hours per week on repetitive admin or manual tasks that could be automated? Thats 624 hours in a year and at least $16,000 per year in costs.

Businesses also loose money by not updating old processes, bad communication, over communication, un-productive internal meetings, on-boarding, bad decision making by not using the most up to date data, lack of collaboration, failing to automate manual processes, maintaining legacy systems or implementing systems that are not quite right for their business.

We repeatedly see clients who have tried to implement new systems and processes but have failed due to various road-blocks. It is always more cost effective to get an expert to assist you in implementing new processes as an expert will see issues you can't, and get to the bottom of the problem.

How We Can Help

We help businesses in a variety of ways when it comes to the "process" part of their business. Here's a few examples:


  • Process Audit- we observe and document how you and your staff are currently working, what the pain points are, and where they can improve

  • Assess Your Staff - who's doing what, and who should be doing what. Are staff conducting certain processes correctly and in the same way? Are they all doing the same task differently? Are their skills wasted? Are they overstretched? What is their productivity? Do they do what you want them to?

  • Productivity - assessing the current productivity levels and providing recommendations on improvements

  • Providing Recommendations - we provide you with an audit report with recommendations for improvement including new systems we recommend you implement

  • Create new processes - we create new process maps for every aspect of your business from day to day operations to meeting processes

  • Change Management - not everyone likes change. The reality is over half of your staff will resist and cause issues when new processes and systems come into play. We conduct all the change management initiatives for you so you get the outcome you want

  • Train Staff - we train you and your staff on the new processes providing the "why" as well as the "how" which is key for adaption

  • Provide you ongoing support - there are going to be times where you have questions, someone does something wrong or flat out refuses to follow your new process. We're always here to step in and resolve any issues you might face. We also provide support in areas of people (HR, etc) and systems (cloud app's). See the bottom of this page for more details


Good processes not only save you money long-term, but also provide staff with a framework that shows them exactly what is expected of them. When your staff know what you want, when you want it and how you want it, they become more satisfied in their jobs, and productivity and loyalty improves.

The Audit Process

Often what we called in to help with is not necessarily the underlying issue. We may get called in to assist with Staff issues, but find the lack of processes is the underlying problem. Oftentimes we get called in to assist with new processes, and staff and systems are the underlying issue. The reason we focus on people, processes and systems is because they are nearly always intertwined.

In the audit process, we come out to your business and ask lots of questions about what you do, how you do it, why you do it and when. We then sit with the key staff (sometimes all staff) and conduct the same process. We try to do this in one day, but depending on your business size and the different roles within it, this might take up to a week. If you have several staff doing the one job, this process is much quicker.

We then go away, conduct research, and write you a comprehensive report. This report includes how you currently work, what we observed your issues to be, and how we recommend you should proceed to improve on them.

We then provide you with an implementation plan and we get started on the improvements.

Process Creation / Improvements

Process creation and / or improvements can take the following forms:

  • process maps - easy step-by-step flow charts of the processes required to conduct a certain task

  • involving staff on process improvements - one of the most common mistakes in creating new processes is not getting feedback and input from your staff. We provide opportunities for trial of the new processes and feedback forms or forums to ensure we cover all concerns. 

  • detailed operational manuals - can be used for new employee on-boarding and for staff to refer back to if they forget the finer details  

  • training on new processes - going through the new processes step-by-step and address concerns that were brought up in the feedback process.

Following these steps tends to ensure that change management initiatives are not required, however if there is still resistance, we conduct change management processes including transition planning, re-enforcing change, assigning staff members to mentor resisting staff, and resistance management.


Ongoing Support

New processes mean lots of questions and support. We don't implement changes and run - we provide ongoing support for as long as you need. We have support plans available to ensure you're always covered.

Strategic Planning

During this process, you may find things out about your business that you perhaps weren't aware of. An example might be that an area you thought was highly productive and revenue generating might not be doing what you thought it was.

We can therefore assist you with your strategic plan. We'll work with you to ensure that you're business is heading in the right direction, and that your current way of working is attracting the right clients and buyers to your business.

Learn about the other areas we help in:

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